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CFCE Committees

CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS - The Negotiations Team negotiates the contract and other negotiable issues with the District.

Quintin Powell, CFCE Chief Negotiator - Ext. 26279

Andrew Deaso, CFCE President - Ext. 25163
Golden West College

Vanessa Ayala, Note Taker


ELECTIONS (Ad hoc)- The Elections Committee conducts general and special elections of the local.

Bre Ritter  - Ext. 58710
Golden West College 

Richard Espinachio -
Orange Coast College

​​​COPE - The Committee on Political Education (COPE) promotes public and governmental support for public education, government services and health care; encourages the participation of the union’s members and the general public in governmental and political activities; improves union members’ and the general public’s understanding of policies and legislation that affect education, state, and local government and health care.

Betty Pierce, Co-Chair - Ext. 55185

Golden West College

Quintin Powell, Co-Chair - Ext. 26279

Orange Coast College

Social Committee

Jamie Crowder - Ext. 58765

Golden West College

Eva Shaffer - Ext. 25507

Orange Coast College

Betty Pierce - Ext. 55185

Golden West College

"Some men rob you with a six-gun. Others rob you with a fountain pen."
    - Woody Guthrie
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Historical Voices
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