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CFCE Discounts

These benefits are available to all union members!
Just submit your application to start saving.

FunEX February Savings for pricing

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The CFCE contract cover page

CFCE members and their immediate families who enroll in either the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) or the Bachelor of Science (BS) program at Mount Saint Mary’s University Business Administration Department will receive a 15% tuition discount. The BS allows you to take classes online or on the weekend. MBA classes are on the weekend. Mount Saint Mary’s is a private college, but is not for profit.

Aava Dental Logo

Aava Dental has special benefits for union members and its employees are members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Aava Dental has locations in Foothill Ranch and Fullerton.

Aava Dental is committed to stand in solidarity with union members and their families through a union strike or layoff. They understand the challenges families endure; 31 days after a layoff or strike their benefits stop. Many families are left with nowhere to go for dental care. At Aava Dental, their doors are always open to the working America. They provide FREE emergency palliative dental care to union members' families that supports their union brothers and sisters on a strike, or when they are laid off from work.

Historical Voices
"Every piece of progressive social legislation passed by Congress in the 20th century bears a union label."
    - George Meany
A photo of George Meany
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