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District Committees

​What is participatory governance?

The Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges has adopted regulations setting “…minimum standards governing procedures established by governing boards in community college districts to ensure faculty, staff, and students the right to participate effectively in district and college governance, and the opportunity to express their opinions at the campus level and to ensure that their opinions are given every reasonable consideration…” (see Education Code Section 70901(b))

What is the role of classified employees in participatory governance?

Classified staff are guaranteed the opportunity to provide input in all areas that affect staff, “…for staff participation in governance outside of the arena of collective bargaining” (see "Minimum Standards for Staff Participation in Governance," Board of Governors, California Community Colleges, September 13-14, 1990). AB 1725 directs boards to provide opportunity for input, and ensure that the recommendations and opinions of faculty, students, and staff receive reasonable consideration.

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Andrew Deaso, Chair - Ext. 25163

Danielle Heinbuch (Management) - Ext. 58970
Golden West College


Thomas Truong - Ext. 55133

Golden West College

Shannon O'Connor, Facilitator - Ext. 84713
District Office

Lisa Dupuy - Ext. 84721
District Office

Renate Akins (Management) - Ext. 16146
Coastline College


Ashley Lopez - Ext. 16154

Coastline College

Rebecca Morgan - Ext. 26861

Orange Coast College

Thu Nguyen - Ext. 25940

Orange Coast College

Historical Voices
"Every advance in this half-century - Social Security, civil rights, Medicare, aid to education, one after another - came with the support and leadership of American Labor."
    - President Jimmy Carter


Tom Tran, Chair - Ext. 17417
Coastline College


Sheila Cox - Ext. 58316

Golden West College

Elizabeth Myers - Ext. 55130
Golden West College

Kerry Jones - Ext. 16629
Coastline College


Kevin Riley - Ext. 84885
District Office 

Kristen Hickman - Ext. 26415
Orange Coast College

Linda Tiger - Ext. 26378
Orange Coast College

Professional Development Committee


Monica Marin - Ext. 84794
District Office 

Danielle Heinbuch - Ext. 58970
Golden West College

Connie Ramos - Ext. 84623
District Office

Nicole Lloyd - Ext. 25753
Orange Coast College


Pete Durkin - Ext. 84631

Alternate - Golden West College


Wellness Committee

Co-Chair: Dorothy McCollom - Ext: 16206, CCC

Co-Chair: Elizabeth Parker - Ext: 25707, OCC 

Administrative Support: 

Chris Hall - Ext. 84869, DIST


Classified/Confidential -4:

Kyla Bentley - Ext: 84719, DIST

Elizabeth Parker-Ext: 25707,OCC

Dorothy McCollom- Ext: 16206,CCC

JuliAnn Powers - Ext: 55275, GWC

Faculty - 4

Daryl Isaac, CFE, OCC

Courtney Nix, CCA, OCC

Deboroah Goldstick, GWC/Benefits

Advisory Committee Liaison

Michael Scott, CCC


Monica Marin, DIST

Danielle Heinbuch, GWC

Kelly Daly, OCC

Vacant, CCC

Benefits Advisory Committee     

Convener - 

Chair - Deborah Goldstick


Voting Members:

Vacant | Confidential/Recorder

Connie Marten | President – CFCE

Shannon O’Connor | CDMA Representative

Rob Schneiderman | President – CFE

Vacant | Academic Management Representative

Vacant | CCA Representative

Non-Voting Members:

Lynn Black | District – Benefits Coordinator

Crystal Crane | Director – HR

Nadine Davis | Faculty – RN, Retired

Dr. Andy Dunn | Ex Officio, Vice Chancellor – Admin. Svcs.

Bob Fey | CFE/AFT

Deborah Goldstick | CFE/AFT

Monica Marin | Manager - Benefits

Margaret Rossi | CFCE

Elizabeth Sykes |

Daniela Thompson | Administrative Director – Fiscal Affairs

Dr. John Tortarolo  Interim Vice Chancellor – HR

Vickie West | Ex Officio, Alliant Consultant

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