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Blue Friday Apparel

Show your solidarity on Blue Friday by wearing one of many styles of tee shirts, polo shirts, or hoodies. CFCE tee shirts come in white and navy blue, short or long sleeve, crew or v-neck style.

Every CFCE union member gets one (1) tee shirt free per year, all you have to do is ask.

Cost break down for the other items are as follows:

Hoodie: $15.00 / Long Sleeve: $15.00 / White shirts: $10.00 / Polo Shirts: $10.00

Apparel can be paid for by cash or check.  We are unable to accept zelle, venmo etc. at this time. Sizes range from Small to 4XL

If you see something you like, please email

Crew Tee Shirt

V Neck Tee Shirt

Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

The CFCE contract cover page

Long Sleeve Crew Neck


White Crew & V-Neck Tee Shirt

Historical Voices
"I am an organizer, not a union leader. A good organizer has to work hard and long. There are no shortcuts. You just keep talking to people, working with them, sharing, exchanging and they come along."
    - Cesar Chavez.
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