What is Union Membership?

When you come to work at Coast Community College District, Coast Federation of Classified Employees, AFT Local 4794 represents you and you can come to CFCE whenever you need help, but union membership is not automatic. There is no union without union member support! By completing this membership form, and agreeing to support your union by paying dues tenthly, you make your union even stronger! Plus, you'll have access to additional member rights and benefits.  

Union Members
Non- Members
Disicplinary Representation
Attend Membership Meetings
AFT Member
Credit and Budget Counseling
Insurance Discounts
Legal Services through AFT
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insruance
$5,000 of Free Life Insurance (First Year of Membership)
Volunteer for a Committee
Vote on Your Union Contract
Vote in Your Union Elections
24 Hour Fitness Discount
The CFCE contract cover page
Historical Voices
"I am an organizer, not a union leader. A good organizer has to work hard and long. There are no shortcuts. You just keep talking to people, working with them, sharing, exchanging and they come along."
    - Cesar Chavez.