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CFCE Negotiations Information

Click HERE to read "Dear Board of Trustees"


5/17/17 Board of Trustees Meeting Audio:

3/15/17 Board of Trustees Meeting Audio:











2/1/17 Board of Trustees Meeting Audio:


4/5/17 Board of Trustees Meeting Audio:


4/19/17 Board of Trustees Meeting Audio:

Click HERE for the District's 2017-18 Preliminary Budget Development presentation

Table Talk


  • The District’s proposal asks Classified employees who retire with a PPO to pay $400 more per month than faculty pay.

  • The Board of Trustees received a 5% increase in December after going 8-years without a raise.

  • Classified Employees have not had a raise in over 8-years.

  • The District proposes if you get sick, instead of receiving short-term
    disability after 14 days that you wait until you have been out for 30
    days. This means that you will lose 50% of your salary when you are
    most vulnerable.

  • July 1, 2016 the Vice Chancellors received a minimum of 6.5% pay increases!!!

  • The District has informed CFCE that the Manager’s Classifications Compensation Study is going to be implemented regardless of if they implement the Classified study.

  • CFCE has continually requested that the District bring in a mediator to further the discussions at the table. The District has chosen instead to file an unfair practice charge through PERB.

  • CFCE has proposed a new longevity schedule based on the District’s proposed 9-step salary schedule.

  • The District, CFCE, and CFE have a past practice of all employees paying the same for health benefits plans and making changes based on the recommendations made by the District Benefits Advisory Committee.

Click HERE for CFCE's Negotiations Talking Points.

District's Proposed Takebacks:

Article 12 - Reclassification

  • Revamp the Reclassification Committee (with the assumption that the Classification/Compensation Study will be implemented)

Article 19 - Salaries

  • Based on a 9-step salary schedule, reduced longevity schedule without COLA added to the base

  • Eliminate growth increases

Article 20 - Employee and Dependent Benefits Coverage

  • Increase the cost of the PPO  from 0.5% of base salary to 0.9%

  • Proposed changes (listed below) to short and long-term disability would need to be made in Article 17, which was not sunshined

    • Eliminate  short-term disability for employees who work less than 75% FTE, require 18 months of service, and included a thirty-day waiting period  to receive payment

    • Eliminate  long-term disability for employees who work less than 75% FTE

Article 21 - Retirement

  • The District did not sunshine Article 21 according to the Terms of Article 27.3.B - Re-openers

Included in the District's comprehensive proposal:

  • Require employees hired after January 1, 2017 to work until 60 years of age with 15 years of service 

  • Require  retirees to pay $400 per month if they remain in the PPO

  • Eliminate the use of the campus fitness facilities for retirees


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